BI Tool Migrations

Does your BI tool do everything you need it to do?
Do your visualisations look dated?
Can you justify the cost of your current application?

Choosing the right BI tool for your business

Do you struggle to get value from your existing BI tool because of poor user experience, an inability to distribute to end consumers, poor visualisation of data or due to the cost of licences?  If so the good news is the BI market has never been so competitive and you have a number of options available to you.

By engaging the Triangle team of experts, through the BI tool migration service, we can support you through assessing tool viability, identifying BI tool options, plan strategies to ensure your migration is set up for success and even help deliver the project for you.

Team Meeting

What To Expect

Expect best practice guidance, informed perspectives, tips and tricks for you to make a strategic plan that takes your Business Intelligence reporting, analysis and visualisation to the next level.

Our expert team will help you to surface the key factors you need to consider for your organisation to get the best quality product for your BI needs and budget.  We will ask about your business and its key drivers, your data set up and plans for the future and really get to know your key stakeholders and clients requirements.  From there we will help you shape an informed plan, based on an appropriate tool selection for your unique needs, that will help migrate your business to the next level of data maturity.

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What You'll Walk Away With

Improved knowledge on the choices available to you in the BI and reporting space and a firm plan on how to get them implemented.

Knowledge of tool choices

An understanding of the analytics tools on the market and how they differentiate across areas like graphics, user experience, security and of course price.

A Template for Future Success

You will be able to demonstrate to key decision makers or clients just how powerful good insight can be and have a plan to get there.

Time and money savings

By understanding your options and choosing the most applicable tool for your unique business you will be able to avoid the regular pitfalls of a BI tool implementation.  The added bonus is you will save a significant amount of time, effort and money in the process.

How This Service Compares

Unlike others, we don’t do lectures or sales pitches. Just achievable fixes for real-life situations that fit your organisations unique requirements.

  • It is framed around you.  All output will be focused on using data to support YOUR company’s challenges.

  • We build long term partnerships so the focus is always on the best outcome for your business and its clients.

  • Inspiration to take your data maturity to the next level and way beyond.

  • It is practical. You will come away with tangible strategic plans that will drive your business forward.

The Investment

How much time will I need to commit?

Typically the initial delivery will require 10-15 days interactions with key stakeholders

What is the financial investment?

It depends on the complexity of the migration but typically the initial project is £12,000 to £25,000

What do I need to provide?

Access to members of the project team and key stakeholders and a desire to make the change happen

Not sure? Why not read our Cognos to Power BI playbook for some great tips

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Dr. Alex Leathard

Dr. Alex Leathard is a creative and curious data leader, with more than 15 years of cross-industry experience combining strategy, data analytics and data science. One of those rare people who is able to see both the minutiae and the big picture, Alex is described as bringing a “refreshing honesty” to client engagements.


Giles Latchford

Giles is a highly experienced data specialist, who has spent most of his 25+ year career in data and transformation roles.  Having joined Triangle in 2020, he brings a wealth of expertise around how to develop the most optimal data models to maximise business performance and remove unnecessary manual work inefficiencies.


If you have a query we haven’t covered, visit our FAQ or get in touch.

  • This seems a big financial investment, is it worth it?

    Absolutely!  By taking a strategic approach to your data and reporting and choosing the right tool for your business the investment will be a small fraction of the money you will save and the additional value and insight you will drive for the business and your customers.

  • Will you be able to understand our way of operating?

    We speak the language of manufacturing, retail and logistics, as these are the businesses we work in every day. In areas such as stock control, machine-level data capture, just-in-time workflows (to name just a few), we are used to developing custom solutions to very specific data-related challenges. We don’t just know best practice; we know what it means in the context of your company. 

  • Are you familiar with the technology we have?

    We have unrivalled hands-on expertise in all the major reporting and analytics platforms, including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos, in addition to warehousing and data integration technologies. From picking the best visualisation options to easily overlooked configuration hacks, we offer fresh perspectives, as well as full & frank advice on how to fill gaps in your capabilities.