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Get Your Cognos to Power BI Migration Playbook

Written by experts who have been there, done it, and got the "migration t-shirt", our newly produced Cognos to Power BI migration playbook contains all you need to know for a hassle-free migration journey. Get yours today.

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How You'll Benefit from This Playbook

  • Learn how to construct a thorough and effective migration plan.

  • Ascertain what skillsets you’ll need in-place to ensure migration success.

  • Understand why a stream of good quality, accurate data is necessary.

  • Predict what training your team and end-users will require.

  • How to avoid any hidden migration-related surprises and hurdles.

  • Receive a pre-built 12-step migration checklist.

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Ensuring Cognos to Power BI Migration Success

We've Covered the Migration Bases, so You Don't Have To

If you’re considering a migration from Cognos to Power BI, we know there’ll be lots of questions on your mind. In this playbook, find the answers you’ve been seeking, the tips you’ve been on the lookout for, and a summary of the migration pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.


Don't Fancy a DIY Migration?

With over 75+ years of experience and a team of seasoned experts, we are best placed to handle your migration from Cognos to Power BI. We know the technology, have performed countless migrations, and can help dramatically reduce your time-to-value.

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