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Deliver value for your customers and your business, through the data you already hold.


It’s not just Google, Facebook or Uber that are data companies; you are too. You have access to incredible insight on your operations, customers, competitors, partners, and supply chains. Data monetisation is not about selling data – it’s about leveraging it in the right way. The question is though, how do you plan to turn petabytes of data into pound signs for your business?

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Organisations like yours all have one thing in common that holds immense financial value: data. Nevertheless, for your business to stand out against the competition, treating data as a strategic asset is a necessity. Data monetisation isn’t an end goal, it’s a journey, and our data monetisation consultants can guide you at every step of the way.

Triangle's data monetisation consultancy can help you

  • Quantify and qualify the value of your organisations data

  • Clarify and articulate the role of your data and its potential

  • Infuse data monetisation into your wider business strategy and growth plan

  • Ensure your data is fit for purpose and ready to undergo monetisation

  • Create a data monetisation strategy that helps you seize new opportunities

  • Fuel the next phase of business growth using data you already own

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Meet Luke Wilson

Luke is a highly experienced insight and transformation leader, who has spent most of his 20+ year career in analytics and data roles.  Having joined Triangle in 2020, to head up the advisory team, he brings a wealth of expertise around how to use data to maximise business opportunities and profitability.

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Why choose us as your data monetisation consultants?

We know your industry

Triangle is the only data management boutique dedicated to serving the manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors.

We thrive on delivering value, not hours billed

Unlike big consulting firms, we care more about helping you identify quick wins, than maximising utilisation.

We don’t have a product to sell

We’re not a software vendor so our advice remains neutral, not slanted towards selling you a specific application.

We abhor red tape

If you enjoy getting exhausted by big company processes, we’re probably not right for you.

Trusted by the world’s best

  • "The nice thing about Triangle is that the business as a whole is very approachable and professional, we’ve got a good relationship. We know that if we have got a project, we can get together, create an outline and get working."

    Simon Freeman, Group MIS Director
  • "We have really enjoyed working with Triangle and look forward to working on future projects with them."

    Jase Azulay, Technical Services Development Manager
    Ryder Ltd
  • "We are extremely grateful for all the hard work put in by your team, they have been professional, accommodating, patient and have turned around our requests in a timely fashion."

    Carole Ewers, Business Systems Manager
  • "I am very happy working with Triangle. They always go above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure what they say they will deliver, is delivered."

    Matt Craig, Senior Technical Specialist
    Conex Universal Limited
  • "To be an effective support provider, you’ve got to be able to rely on them. Triangle is always responsive, professional, knowledgeable and there whenever you need them."

    Simon Freeman, Group MIS Director
  • “Everything was well laid out and easy to follow.”

    Cindy Healy, Software Architect
    Avista Corp