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From installation to optimisation, we help you gain maximum analytical muscle from Microsoft Power BI


Delivered by Power BI experts who know the platform inside out, our flexible, targeted Microsoft Power BI support can help transform Microsoft’s popular analytics solution into your most valuable business tool.

Offering seamless connection of data sources, impressive reporting capabilities and the familiarity of the Microsoft ecosystem, Power BI is the analytics solution of choice for many organisations. But too often, it can go under-utilised by the people who would benefit from it most. Internal knowledge gaps and technical issues with existing datasets can both be barriers to either initial implementation or wider rollout.

From requirement scoping, migration and installation for new Power BI customers, through to knowledge transfer and best practice Power BI consultancy for existing users, we help you realise the full benefits of this leading platform.

What are you looking to achieve with Power BI

  • I want to upgrade Microsoft Power BI

    Power BI’s various components – including its Desktop and Mobile applications – are updated on a monthly basis. Upgrading is therefore usually a seamless process. Our Power BI consultancy can help you put in place a strategy so that all users (including remote workers) are up to date with the release cadence.

    Features are improved and added on a rolling basis by Microsoft. Our Power BI experts can keep you fully up-to-date with the organisational impact of these changes, so you continue to extract maximum value from the platform.

  • I want to migrate to or away from Microsoft Power BI

    Our Microsoft Power BI consultants can manage and implement all migrations to or from Power BI on your behalf. If you are managing the migration project internally, we can also provide best practice advice regarding data preparation and validation and deployment planning.

    Combining a vast amount of data warehousing experience with deep knowledge of Microsoft Power BI, we are ideally placed to help you mitigate migration risks, whatever level of support you require.

  • I want to create impactful dashboards and visualisations

    The right Power BI dashboard design makes it easier for users to get hold of precisely the information they need, right when they need it. It drives day-to-day adoption and enables you to uncover insights. Triangle’s Power BI consulting service can help you optimise your dashboards, taking into account your business processes and role-specific needs.

    We also help users make sense of Microsoft’s vast range of visualisation options. This helps you identify the most effective formats, for informative, impactful presentations and organisational consistency.

  • I want to protect Microsoft Power BI

    We can provide whatever level of input you require to ensure data security and availability of your analytics solution. This includes comprehensive security management, including upgrade rollout and daily monitoring. For Power BI administrators, we can provide best practice guidance covering key areas such as access controls, backup procedures and disaster recovery safeguarding.

  • I need to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI

    From novice business users through to administrators, we can deliver precisely the hands-on training and coaching your people need to get the most out of Power BI. This includes reporting, KPI tracking, model building and dashboard optimisation for day-to-day users and technical implementation and optimisation advice for power users. Training can be delivered on-site or remotely.

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Dr. Alex Leathard is a creative and curious data leader, with more than 15 years of cross-industry experience combining strategy, data analytics and data science. One of those rare people who is able to see both the minutiae and the big picture, Alex is described as bringing a “refreshing honesty” to client engagements.

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