Oracle Data Integrator

Best-of-breed ‘Big Data-friendly’ integration, coupled with the expertise to make it work.


A natural choice for many logistics, retail and manufacturing users, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) enables fast bulk data movement and complex data transformations. Our Oracle Data Integrator consultant’s vast on-the-ground experience of ODI deployment makes us ideally placed to help you boost performance, reduce implementation costs and extract maximum value from your data integration solution.

Used in the right way, Oracle Data Integrator delivers on both efficiency and performance: exactly the capabilities you need for major analytics and Big Data initiatives.

Our flexible Oracle consultancy services include expert knowledge on set-up and configuration, custom development, knowledge transfer for new customers and optimisation advice for existing ones. Take full advantage of our Oracle consultant’s proven ODI experience to futureproof your most valuable data investments.

Triangle's Oracle Data Integrator Consultants Can Help You With

  • Designing business rules, warehouse schema and data flows

  • Custom development to meet your evolving requirements

  • Adding and mapping new data sources and targets

  • Tuning and optimising data flows to boost performance and efficiency

  • Scaling up your capabilities to meet growing data volume and complexity

  • Support, monitoring, incident handling and proactive management

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Meet Jason Latham

Since 2015, Jason Latham has been the Professional Services Manager at Triangle. Jason’s primary role is to assist with solution design, allocating the best talent and ensuring budget and client satisfaction is maintained throughout engagements with customers.

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