BI Platform Assessment

Pick the right Business Intelligence Platform

Deliberating Domo? Considering Cognos? Pondering Power BI? We'll help you select the perfect BI partner for your needs.

Endless choice, endless headache

Whether you’re choosing your first BI platform, looking to standardise on one, or thinking of switching your tool for another, making the wrong choice can be costly and disruptive.

But with so many vendors to choose from and with everyone promising the same thing, selecting the best fit can often feel overwhelming.

Not all tools are created equal

Self service? Check.
Dashboards? Check.
Cloud-based? Check.

On the surface, all BI platforms appear to do the same. So choosing one should be easy, right? Just pick the most well-known vendor, connect your data, and you’re off to the races.

Sadly, things don’t often work out that way.

Integration restrictions, scaleability challenges and poor user uptake are just some of the obstacles you can experience on your BI journey.

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  • Without this reporting tool, people would really struggle to do their job. The impact has been huge; people used to bombard IT with requests all the time. Now they can get what they want, when they need it.

    Travis Benton, Chief Technology Officer
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Make the right choice

You don’t want to make the wrong calls. You don’t want to end up with something that’s more expensive than you budgeted for or isn’t fit for purpose.

With our vendor-neutral and unbiased approach, we can help you:

  • Unearth the cost implications of different services and tools

  • Assess the breadth and depth of your data landscape

  • Understand the opportunities & potential hazards of your choices

  • Outline the next steps to progress, whether you work with us or not

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Meet Mark

Got a burning question about data strategy, architecture, or visualisation? Book a call with our friendly expert, Mark for truly bespoke and vendor agnostic advice. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.

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Big consultancy expertise. No big consultancy bias.

No product to sell

You’ll get neutral advice because we’re not a software vendor.

No endless bills

Unlike big firms, we care about quick wins, not billable hours.

No red tape or jargon

You’ll be guided through the options openly and transparently.

No wasted time or budget

You can get started with a low-cost benchmarking study.

3 steps to help you pick the perfect platform

How it works


Define your goals and motivations

We’ll do a deep dive into your aims, any existing BI tools you have, and your individual stakeholder use cases.


Build an assessment benchmark

We’ll review the findings and build a bespoke evaluation criteria which includes both “must-have” and “nice-to-have” functionality.


Decide which platform fits you best

We’ll score between 3-5 BI tools across each criteria, and produce a custom report with our final recommendations.

What You'll Walk Away With

Improved knowledge on the choices available to you in the BI and reporting space and a firm plan on how to get them implemented.

Knowledge of tool choices

An understanding of the analytics tools on the market and how they differentiate across areas like graphics, user experience, security and of course price.

A Template for Future Success

You will be able to demonstrate to key decision makers or clients just how powerful good insight can be and have a plan to get there.

Major time and money savings

By choosing the most applicable tool for your unique circumstance and business, you’ll be able to avoid the regular pitfalls of a BI tool implementation.

Have some questions? LET'S CHAT.

Speak with our friendly expert, Mark Endicott.

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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have something not covered here.

  • Will you just recommend platforms you’re in partnership with?

    100% no. The outcome of this process is a bespoke recommendation entirely tailored to your organisation’s requirements and we would not be able to truly do this if we had to meet licence quotas with vendors. We therefore remain agnostic in this sense, with our only bias being towards platforms that we know can deliver the goods.

  • Are you familiar with the technology we have?

    We have unrivalled hands-on expertise in all the major reporting and analytics platforms, including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos, in addition to warehousing and data integration technologies. From picking the best visualisation options to easily overlooked configuration hacks, we offer fresh perspectives, as well as full & frank advice on how to fill gaps in your capabilities.

  • Why do we need your assistance?

    We have numerous experiences of organisations that have either made the wrong choice, or been lumbered with the licensing costs for multiple platforms and have no methodology for choosing between the two. Both situations can have a financial impact and ruin a well intentioned data strategy, so it’s an important decision to get right. We also understand how much internal politics can interfere with tech decision making, and by providing assistance from the outside, we ensure the choice you make is not influenced in any way by these challenges.

  • What value do Triangle get from this?

    We are passionate about helping people make the right decisions, we love working collaboratively with organisations to improve their operations and, of course, we are obsessed with data. So we have developed a model centring around a bespoke, analytical methodology for making valuable recommendations based on organisation specific requirements, that allows us to scratch all these itches whilst developing long lasting relationships with good people.

  • What is my involvement in this process?

    Whilst we do most of the leg work, including all of the testing and analysis, we do like to make this a collaborative effort so that you are informed and have plenty of chance to input and feedback along the way. So, without giving too much away, there will be a few occasions where we’ll work together in a workshop, or over a call, and we might ask you to collect pockets of feedback from other stakeholders in your organisation. Our aim is to make sure that you have the opportunity to shape the output, as often as is possible.

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