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You can’t do good things with bad data

You can’t rely on your data, so you can’t rely on your decisions. You need help cleaning it up, so you can feel confident moving forward.

Doubting your data?

Whether you must achieve compliance or align everyone around one source of truth, you need to know your data is reliable. The challenge is that you’re finding inconsistencies, but you’re not sure why, where they’re coming from or how to fix them.


One metric, many results?

Your departments are calculating the same metric but coming back with different answers. You aren’t confident in your reporting but don’t have the processes, tools or skills to improve it.


Bad actor, bad data?

You’ve had a data breach, or you suspect a bad actor has broken into your system. You’re not sure what the impact has been, but you fear serious financial or reputational repercussions.


Same data, 20 different ways?

You struggle to find the data you need because it’s logged in different ways or different systems. Poor data entry may also mean critical information is missing.

How we can help you rebuild trust again

You can explore all the routes to cleaning up your data with a low-risk and low-cost diagnostic. With an unbiased and vendor-neutral approach, we’ll assess the quality of your data and your systems.

You’ll be able to identify some key metrics and start understanding the health of your estate and reporting. You’ll receive a roadmap that takes you from uncertainty to making data-driven decisions.

It requires little time or cost and zero commitment to work with us afterwards. We can also get started right away.

Speak to an Expert

Meet Mark

Got a burning question about data strategy, architecture, or visualisation? Book a call with our friendly expert, Mark for truly bespoke and vendor agnostic advice. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.


Trusted as a go-to data consultancy

We’ve already supported the likes of Comic Relief and BAE Systems to make sure their data is reliable, and we’re here to support you too.

  • “We now have up to the minute detail of our application process. This enables us to provide a better experience for our applicants and help accurately achieve our student planning numbers.”  

    Neil Randall
    Data Warehouse Manager, Southampton Solent University

Big consultancy expertise. No big consultancy bills.


No product to sell

You’ll get neutral advice because we’re not a software vendor.


No endless bills

Unlike big firms, we care about quick wins, not billable hours.


No red tape or jargon

You’ll be guided through the options openly and transparently.


No wasted time or budget

You can get started with a low-cost, low-risk Data Value Accelerator.

Never doubt your data again

If you’re struggling with data quality, you may also need help with:

Reviewing your data landscape and tooling

You’ll be able to evaluate the costs and benefits of different tools so you can self-manage your data landscape and tools.

Building a data team

Whether it’s providing data engineers, running interviews or providing on-call advice from a Chief Data Officer – your data dream team starts here.

Answering key business questions with data

You have data; now you want answers. We’ll help you extract what you need – from strategic data to big picture insight.