Turn your data from an obstacle into an opportunity

Are you unsure how to truly exploit the data you have? Would you like to use it to learn more about your customers? Streamline operations? Or spot potential problems sooner?

You’re in the right place.

Your challenge

Understand Data with Data Analytics Chart


You want to understand the potential within your copious amounts of data.

Confidence in Data – Ribbon


You have no confidence or trust in the data you are working with.


You lack the in-house capability needed to support your data estate.

Customer success story

Helping one of the world’s biggest sports betting and gaming companies to hit a home run with IBM Cognos Analytics.

Working with Triangle has been great; they are a really proactive company, the people are fantastic - they love a challenge. It has been a really great experience.

Brian Campbell

Proud to be working with


Dr. Alex Leathard is a creative and curious data leader with more than 15 years of cross-industry experience, combining strategy, data analytics and data science.

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