Turn your data from an obstacle into an opportunity

Are you unsure how to truly exploit the data you have? Would you like to use it to learn more about your customers? Streamline operations? Or spot potential problems sooner?

You’re in the right place.

Your challenge

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You want to understand the potential within your copious amounts of data.

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You have no confidence or trust in the data you are working with.

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You’re seeking ways of making your company more valuable, using your data.

Our industry focus


The Makers

Refining raw data until it catches the light: Triangle’s analytics consulting can help you unlock the full benefit of Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing Firm


The Movers

Your data can drive efficiency and deliver a competitive edge. For T&L, our data analytics consultants supply a roadmap for success.

Logistics Trucks on the Move


The Merchants

For driving revenue and customer relationships, our data analytics consulting services can deliver the insights you need for a multi-channel world.

Retail Store using Data Analytics

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Man Teaching Data Workshop

Data to Decision Workshop

Our Data to Decision Workshop shows you how to take full advantage of the growing volumes and categories of data your company holds. Targeted, company-specific and casting an expert eye on real-life business problems, our data analytics consultants deliver everything you need to know for better decision making – and nothing you don’t.

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