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Confident decisions start with confidence in your data.

Confidence in your data starts with Triangle.

In days, go from roadblock to roadmap

You want data to work better for your business, but you’ve hit a block and need advice to get unstuck. At Triangle, we help ambitious organisations rescue projects, find answers and get started from scratch. All with instantly actionable roadmaps.

Trusted as a go-to data consultancy

We’ve already supported the likes of Comic Relief and BAE Systems to get to grips with their data, and we’re here to support you, too.

Ways we can help you achieve your goals

Building a data strategy and vision

You’ll get a roadmap to seeing value from data and be able to use it to power performance.

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Being able to trust your data

You’ll be able to diagnose any data issues and resolve them, so you have information you can rely on and act upon.

Help me trust our data

Answering key business questions with data

You have data; now you want answers. We’ll help you extract what you need – from strategic data to big picture insight.

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Reviewing your data landscape and tooling

You’ll be able to evaluate the pros and cons of different tools so you can manage your data landscape.

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Unsure which route is right for you? Let's chat.

Speak with our friendly expert, Mark Endicott.

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Sharing data with your customers securely

You’ll confidently be able to share data securely through APIs and third-party certified platforms.

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Getting a data project back on track

You’ll get practical help to achieve your data ambitions – without wasting any more time or money.

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Building a data team

Your dream team starts here – whether it’s interim data engineers, on-call advice from a Chief Data Officer or even help with recruitment.

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Supporting your analytics estate

Your mission is critical, and you can’t afford downtime. From holiday cover to fully managed services, you’ll have support you can rely on.

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The right tool, for the right job

As vendor-neutral, we partner with multiple industry-leading technology companies. This means you can access the right-size solution for you.

Unsure which route is right for you?

Speak with an expert

Got a burning question about data strategy, architecture, or visualisation? Book a call with our friendly expert, Mark for truly bespoke and vendor agnostic advice. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.

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Big consultancy expertise. No big consultancy bias.


No product to sell

You’ll get neutral advice because we’re not a software vendor.


No endless bills

Unlike big firms, we care about quick wins, not billable hours.


No red tape or jargon

You’ll be guided through the options openly and transparently.


No wasted time or budget

You can get started with a low-cost, low-risk Data Value Accelerator.