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Don’t quit your data job

You've sunk months - or even years - of work into your project, but seen little to no value. It’s more common than not, with 67% of data projects set to fail*. But yours can still succeed.

Rescue your data project. Rescue your ROI.

Whether your project is late, over budget or under-adopted, you’ve invested too much to abandon it now. All you want – is to see a return on investment.

As data strategy consultants, we’ve worked with organisations large and small to rescue projects like yours so you can finally release value from your data.

  • "The nice thing about Triangle is that the business as a whole is very approachable and professional, we’ve got a good relationship. We know that if we have got a project, we can get together, create an outline and get working."

    Simon Freeman
    Group MIS Director, Silentnight

Ready. Set. Done.

How we help you reach the finish line:

  • Analyse your data strategy and tools to uncover the root cause of project blockers

  • Provide real-world advice on “what good looks like” so you set and measure the right goals

  • Bring stakeholders together to create a ‘Recovery Roadmap’ you’re confident will deliver ROI

  • Show you alternative ways to structure your project to increase your time to value

  • Provide the people and skills you need to get back on track and land your project

  • Be there at every step to troubleshoot and help you course-correct

Speak to an Expert

Meet Mark

Got a burning question about data strategy, architecture, or visualisation? Book a call with our friendly expert, Mark for truly bespoke and vendor agnostic advice. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.


No endless consulting contracts. Only instant action plans.


No product to sell

You’ll get neutral advice because we’re not a software vendor.


No endless bills

Unlike big firms, we care about quick wins, not billable hours.


No red tape or jargon

You’ll be guided through the options openly and transparently.


No wasted time or budget

You can get started with a low-cost, low-risk Data Value Accelerator.

Finally be data-driven

If you’ve inherited a new data estate, you may also need help with:

Building a data strategy

You’ll get a roadmap to seeing value from data and be able to use it to power performance.

Reviewing your data landscape and tooling

You’ll be able to evaluate the costs and benefits of different tools so you can self-manage your data landscape and tools.

Answering key business questions with data

You have data; now you want answers. We’ll help you extract what you need – from strategic data to big picture insight.