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Big data. Giant impact.

You've been tasked with developing a data strategy, and you know your data could be valuable. You’re just not sure how? We’ll show you how.

Unstick your strategy – in weeks

You can call on us to write the entire strategy, build out solutions, or be coached as you move from stage to stage. As an expert guide, we’ll work with you to uncover the answers you need.

The first step is booking our Data Value Accelerator, which will help you make more progress in weeks than you may have done in months:

  • See how data maps to your organisational vision and performance

  • Assess your business architecture – your people, processes and technology

  • Set bite-sized, achievable goals so you see faster time to value

  • Finally deliver a data strategy that’s fit for purpose

We help leading companies get answers. Then act on them.

  • “Information is king when it comes to this business. It’s imperative for us to have detailed management information in order to make smart decisions, and maximise sales. Triangle have shown us what can be done.”

    Peter Lumley
    Business Intelligence Manager, Thomas Cook

Every good decision starts with a good data strategy


Craft a common vision

Align behind a common vision of how data will help your organisation achieve its goals. Assess what you need to do, what outcomes you expect and when you expect them.


Own it at every level

Understand who needs to be accountable for the strategy to succeed. Help those people understand what is expected from them.


Map strategy to culture

View your organisational culture through the lens of your data strategy, and vice versa. Predict challenges, and tackle them head-on.

Speak to an Expert

Meet Mark

Got a burning question about data strategy, architecture, or visualisation? Book a call with our friendly expert, Mark for truly bespoke and vendor agnostic advice. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.


No limitless consulting contracts. Only instant action plans.


No product to sell

You’ll get neutral advice because we’re not a software vendor.


No endless bills

Unlike big firms, we care about quick wins, not billable hours.


No red tape or jargon

You’ll be guided through the options openly and transparently.


No wasted time or budget

You can get started with a low-cost, low-risk Data Value Accelerator.

Delivery goes beyond strategy

If you’re struggling to build the right data strategy, you may also need help with:

Getting a data project back on track

You’ll finally achieve what you set out to do and rescue your project without wasting any more time or money.

Building a data team

Whether it’s providing data engineers, running interviews or providing on-call advice from a Chief Data Officer – your data dream team starts here.

Answering key business questions with data

You have data; now you want answers. We’ll help you extract what you need – from strategic data to big picture insight.