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You’ve started building an in-house data team, but you don’t yet have all the people you need. You may not know what your dream team looks like, but you do know hiring the wrong people is eye-wateringly expensive.

Hiring experts is hard

Imagine if you had the right expertise on speed dial? Since 2007, we’ve built pioneering data teams for people like you. Whether providing data engineers, running interviews or on-call advice from a Chief Data Officer, we can help sharpen the recruitment process.

Want everyone on your team to be an A-Player? Here’s how.

  • Design your ideal dream team

    You’re just beginning to build a data team and grappling with big questions such as:

    • What skills profile should our data team have?
    • Do we need a Chief Data Officer, or do we just need an analyst? Should we recruit a team of engineers?
    • What type of people should we be looking for? How will we know when we’ve found them?

    Your answers depend on what you want your team to achieve. We start with your strategy and big-picture goals, so you design the right team to deliver them.

    We can even help you interview, assess and then create performance metrics you can measure.

  • Get data engineers, analysts and consultants - on demand

    You are looking for skilled people to supplement your existing team. You may need an army of engineers or a single analyst as a three-month stopgap.

    You can draw on our experts’ breadth and depth of experience without having to recruit anyone. This means you can have as many people as you need, without a 3-6 month lead time and no risk of losing valuable expertise if key people leave.

  • Get on-call advice from a Chief Data Officer, without hiring one

    You may have a team already but lack the strategic thinking a Chief Data Officer would bring.

    You may be trying to build a data strategy or need high-level support to get a data project back on track.

    You don’t need to employ a CDO full-time. You don’t need to recruit a contractor. You can use our “CDO-as-a-Service” on an advisory basis – and literally, just call us.

Speak to an expert

Whether it’s providing data engineers, running interviews or providing on-call advice from a Chief Data Officer, we can help.

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We know tech. We know talent. We know data.


Recruiting for Comic Relief

Comic Relief wanted to build its team without wasting time or money on the wrong candidates. We supported them, from designing the team profile to assessing candidates. By acting as an in-house data recruitment expert, we helped them find the right people the first time.


Engineers for BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a longstanding Triangle client. When they have critical data and analytics initiatives to deliver, we augment their team. Our people work within BAE alongside their team, bringing specialist expertise to the table.


On-call support for Practicus

Like many businesses, recruitment consultancy Practicus don’t have an in-house data expert. We’re here to support them with both day-to-day questions and strategic data projects.


Meet Mark

Got a burning question about data strategy, architecture, or visualisation? Book a call with our friendly expert, Mark for truly bespoke and vendor agnostic advice. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.

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Trusted as a go-to data consultancy

  • “Triangle consultants really shine, they just “get on and deliver”. Of all of my suppliers, Triangle is definitely the easiest relationship.”

    Travis Benton
    Chief Technical Officer, EMI Music

Put an end to ALL data headaches

If you’re struggling to build a team, you may also need help with:

Building a data strategy

You’ll get a roadmap to seeing value from data and be able to use it to power performance.

Reviewing your data landscape and tooling

You’ll be able to evaluate the costs and benefits of different tools so you can self-manage your data landscape and tools.

Answering key business questions with data

You have data; now you want answers. We’ll help you extract what you need – from strategic data to big picture insight.