Data to Decision Workshop

The expert makeover that turns data handlers into strategy-focused heroes.

Better Decision Making Starts Here

Our one-to-one session is for IT and data managers with big ambition. Those who want to visualise and predict demand and performance more accurately than ever before. The companies seeking ways to put huge volumes of data to work. The managers who want to be earliest to spot an issue, and the first in line with a solution.

Designed for the retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors, our workshop shows how to take full advantage of the growing volumes and categories of data your company holds. Targeted, company-specific and casting an expert eye on real-life business problems, we deliver everything you need to know for better decision making – and nothing you don’t.

You recognise your data has untapped potential, but efforts to unlock it are just not getting off the ground. Too often, data is viewed as a burden, by-product – or even a liability. Book a workshop now and let us help you to convert your data into most valuable strategic asset.

Man Teaching Data Workshop

What To Expect

Expect best practice guidance, perspectives, tips and tricks for boosting your capabilities in areas such as reporting, performance tracking, analysis, visualisation & communications, forecasts & predictions and practical data management.

This is not a 4-hour death by PowerPoint. In our interactive session, Triangle’s senior data practitioner will cover the data-related challenges and opportunities faced by your particular business. It’s relevant, focused, and shaped by what you want to explore.

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What You'll Walk Away With

Easy Wins

From reporting practice adjustments to targeted rules engine reconfigurations, gain a roadmap of actionable ideas to implement right away. Make a difference with minimal resource spend.

Hero Status

Become a champion of decision making by finally placing insight at your team’s fingertips. Get tips on dashboarding and visualisation of analytical data for the maximum business impact.


Where are you now, and where do you want to go? In areas such as Big Data analysis, real-time forecasting, scenario planning and more, discover what’s possible for your business.

How This Workshop Compares

Unlike others, we don’t do lectures or sales pitches. Just achievable fixes for real-life situations.

  • It is framed around you. Fully contextualised for YOUR company’s challenges.

  • It is company-exclusive. A safe space to spotlight your proprietary data in confidence.

  • It is interactive. A true workshop with you driving it, rather than a dry presentation.

  • It is practical. You will come away with tangible solutions, not just generic pointers.

The Investment

How much time will I need to commit?

Just 4 hours is all you will need to set aside.

What is the financial investment?

The cost is just £675 per stakeholder.

What do I need?

A laptop, a good internet connection and a dataset.


Mark Endicott

Mark leads our Data Visualisation practice and is passionate about helping organisations ‘tell stories’ with their data. Mark joined us from Mitie and has since guided organisations such as Comic Relief, Nielsen and Our Media on how to accelerate their data journeys.


If you have a query we haven’t covered, visit our FAQ or get in touch.

  • Will this just be a seminar to sell us more tech?

    Absolutely not. The starting point is to examine your desired outcomes in the context of existing processes and technologies. In fact, with practical help in areas such as dashboard configuration, far from jettisoning existing investments, participants are usually able to gain extra value from them. 

  • Will you be able to understand our way of operating?

    We speak the language of manufacturing, retail and logistics, as these are the businesses we work in every day. In areas such as stock control, machine-level data capture, just-in-time workflows (to name just a few), we are used to developing custom solutions to very specific data-related challenges. We don’t just know best practice; we know what it means in the context of your company. 

  • Are you familiar with the technology we have?

    We have unrivalled hands-on expertise in all the major reporting and analytics platforms, including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos, in addition to warehousing and data integration technologies. From picking the best visualisation options to easily overlooked configuration hacks, we offer fresh perspectives, as well as full & frank advice on how to fill gaps in your capabilities.

  • Is the price still £675 if I bring the MD and other team members?

    The cost is £675 per-stakeholder, however, if you want to bring your team, we can offer group discounts and competitive rates.