Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Data transformation starts with integration. With Azure Data Factory, we bring everything together.


Once you combine Triangle’s real-world expertise with Microsoft’s leading integration platform “Azure”, your data strategy has the foundations it needs to succeed.

Reporting & analytics initiatives demand the ability to pull together and refine data from multiple sources. Azure Data Factory extracts and consolidates all cloud and on-premises data. It loads that data into where you need it to be, and even refines it for future processing and analysis.

Thanks to inside-out knowledge of the platform, Triangle’s Microsoft Azure consultants can help ensure Azure Data Factory is fully aligned with what you want to achieve. Our flexible Azure consultancy services cover data architecture assessment, choice of formats, setting up data flows, migration, pipeline monitoring and more. For extracting maximum value from this leading data integration solution, our experienced Azure consultants offer all the support you need.

Triangle's Azure Consultants Can Help You With

  • Designing a Data Factory as a perfect match for your data requirements

  • Custom development to enhance Azure’s value within your company

  • Seamless migration away from SSIS to minimise disruption

  • Innovative ideas for future-proofing your data strategy

  • Flexible support, training and knowledge transfer to fill your skills gaps

  • Adding and configuring new data sources for seamless integration

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Meet Giles Latchford

Giles is a highly skilled Data Solutions Architect with 18 years of expertise in data warehousing and end-to-end data integration. Throughout his business-facing career, Giles has advised established businesses and start-ups, delivering evidence-based answers to decision makers and board-level leaders. He promotes data-driven strategy, data embedded design for processes and is vastly experienced in end-user driven design for business intelligence.

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